The Wave

This is about the book by Todd Strasser.

So confused – no way out
No control - alone in the crowd

Uncertainty – no guarantee
Afraid of the dark - I hate to disagree

It feels so good when we stand side by side
And now – I’m joining the wave

Proud and strong – here I stand
The sun shines bright - A flag in my hand

It feels so good (ohh) when forward we march
And now – I follow the wave

A weakling no more –Yes I'm ready to strike
The sky is the limit – I do what I like
A free man, a hero no longer a slave
I'm happy I have joined the wave (???)

Be careful my friend when you're talking to me
It might be a danger - I do not agree
A different position is serious and grave
You're outside – We're insight
We hate you and we are the wave